MannyMUA makeup palette tutorial

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Makeup Adventure | The Beginning

Hello All,
December 2015 marked the beginning of a new adventure in my life. I started my makeup journey on YouTube doing tutorials for mature women. I’ve only done 5 tutorials so far to get my feet wet and plan on doing video’s once a week.
I believe that as an older woman, we don’t necessarily have to stick to plain old neutrals. I love color and want to be the guinea pig so to speak, and try different color combinations on myself to let others see and be inspired to go outside the box.
I want others to feel free to try new things and if they can, go outside their comfort zones and apply a little or a lot. As Patrick Starrr says, ” Makeup is a one size fits all “. So go ahead and play with your makeup. It all wipes off in the end…
Feel free to friend me on FaceBook at Cardmakerart and send me pictures. I’d love to see what you ladies and gents come up with.